The outstanding feature of Google Adwords is to help you attract more customers significantly in a short time. Currently, according to statistics, 27% of Vietnam's online advertising revenue comes from Google.

Greater ability to attract customers

The outstanding feature of Google Adwords is to help you attract more customers significantly in a short time. Currently, according to statistics, 27% of Vietnam's online advertising revenue comes from Google. Google's strength comes from the huge number of people using Google's search and other integrated services such as Gmail, Google Plus, Google Drive, etc.

Up to 90% of users search for information on Google before choosing any product/service. Therefore, when running Google ads, you will easily bring your products and services to a large number of Internet users.

Imagine there are about 1 million people searching for keywords related to your product/service every day, and if your ad is at the top of Google search, about 80% of those people will click on it. your link, bringing a significant amount of traffic to the website every day. When using Google Adwords, you can also advertise through other services that Google provides such as advertising on Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, on Google's partner websites...

Right person, right time:

Using Google Adwords helps your products and services reach the right people at the right time. When running this type of keyword advertising, you can customize your budget, geographical location, language, etc.

You can easily target your ads with keywords, product promotion options locally or on a global scale. Ads will show up right at the first positions on the results page when customers search for keywords about your products/services, or appear on websites when users surf the web every day.

Based on keywords and targeting criteria: region, language, time, etc., the advertising message of the business will be precisely targeted to potential customers who are in demand quickly. and most effective.

You can also choose keywords that help target your ad to people searching for other related terms. You can also choose to show your ads at certain times of the day, specifying a specific location and search language. In addition to keyword advertising, Adwords also provides other types of advertising such as display advertising. This form is often found in newspapers, websites with banners. If on Youtube, there are also video ads. From the visual effect that advertising brings, the attention paid to your product/service will also increase.

Optimum efficiency, minimum cost:

The effectiveness of Google Adwords does not depend on the cost more or less. With precise targeting, Google Adwords Ads helps you to improve order conversion rate, bring high revenue and maximum profit. Moreover, only when customers click on the ad, you have to pay, so you can completely believe in the effectiveness of the money spent. In addition to not having to commit to a minimum spend, Google also allows you to change your budget, limit your ad costs by day, and see how much money your ads are spending at the moment. reasonable adjustment. Therefore, advertising costs are always optimized and bring the highest efficiency.

There are 3 forms of payment when using Google Adwords:

+ CPC stands for Cost per click which means pay per user clicks on the ad.

+ CPM stands for Cost per Million or Cost per thousand impressions which means pay per 1000 impressions.

+ CPA stands for Cost per acquisition or Cost per action which means pay per action, interaction, goal converted.

Depending on the characteristics of your product/service and the purpose of running your ads, you can adjust the form of payment to fit your "pocket".

Easily manage and measure results:

If your product or service conforms to Google's policies, ads will appear immediately after the campaign is successfully installed. You can also change your ad copy, add keywords, streamline your budget, or adjust your audience whenever you want. Google Adwords allows you to set up campaigns in any language, in any market you want to target. At the same time, Google Adwords is also very easy to measure advertising effectiveness (ROI) with Google Analytics.

High stability and accuracy:

Another outstanding feature of Google Adwords is its high stability compared to other online advertising channels. The big difference between Google ads and other traditional forms of advertising is the ability to accurately measure and constantly update. Google provides over 50 types of reports containing full data related to advertising activities from the overall campaign, to each ad group, keyword, region, time, etc. Easily track the volatility and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

With the above advantages, Google Adwords is clearly a persuasive form of advertising, bringing high competitive efficiency while saving costs for customers.

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